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Uncle Lay-Lee's Moonshine All-Stars

Take one part outlaw country, add influences of punk / funk / rock / jam band and soul, add ukulele and fiddle, and finish with some colorful storytelling earned through a life well-lived.  This is Unkle Lay Lee’s Moonshine All-Stars.


Unkle Lay Lee’s Moonshine All-Stars is one of the most original musical experiences you will find. The band is packed with highly accomplished veterans that wield a unique array of instruments that include ukulele, fiddle, guitar, bass, and drums.  The instrumentation and jam-band atmosphere allows the Moonshiners to tread in musical depths that few others dare to go.

You will hear fresh arraignments of familiar songs and encounter new music you’ll wonder why you weren’t listening to.  Add in some fantastic stories from Unkle Lay Lee himself and you’ll be hoping the show never ends.

Unkle Lay Lee is fully-equipped (PA, lights, etc.) and ready to bring the fun to your event.  Come down to a show and you won’t be disappointed - and don’t forget your dancing shoes!


The People Say...

Unkle Lay Lee is the best Christmas band ever!

Nicole - Manager @ Fenders Bar & Grill

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